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Justice instagram madison Curriculum for

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At a Predominately White Institution such as this, we recognize that people who identify as white are in the majority and have more power.

  • Interpersonal Skills Demonstrate desirable professional abilities including self-motivation, self-awareness, cooperative work and group facilitation skills.

  • Communication Skills Communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and through written documentation with clients, coworkers, other agencies and supervisors, by demonstrating listening skills, effective report writing, appropriate interview techniques, testifying in court and displaying sensitivity to diverse cultures and individuals.

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Panels, performances, and papers should address those situated at the margins of multiple identities, the contributions of feminist-of-color disability studies, and a theoretical framework that is accountable to critical race theory and makes visible the unacknowledged whiteness of disability studies and activism.

  • Despite , Justice and Reed are actually half-sisters and share the same mom, Serene Justice-Reed, according to.

  • He explores the causes of this troubling surge, which he links to a larger, and little-known, history of anti-Asian prejudice that first took root in the western United States nearly two centuries ago.