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Life inside an American brothel: Intimate photos reveal 'working girls' in 19th Century Pennsylvania

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  • William Goldman, a commercial photographer in industrial Reading, Pennsylvania, took private photographs in the 1890s of women working at one of the city's more upmarket brothels - an establishment run by a single mother named Sal Shearer, who dressed her girls as upper-middle-class ladies to feed into male laborers' fantasies The photographs were discovered by author and art curator Robert Flynn Johnson about ten years ago at a vintage paper sale in northern California; he had no information about their origin but noticed one image depicted a prostitute reading a newspaper, the Reading Eagle, from August of 1892 - giving him clues that eventually led him to that Pennsylvania city Working with local Reading historian George M.

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  • A former fifth-grade teacher, Crisafulli is about to become better known as Miss January, who lounges in a black convertible covered in pearls, holding a champagne glass in one hand and dangling slinky sandals from the other.

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