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She has four siblings and her cousin Epic Mazur is a co-frontman of the band Crazy Town.

  • Monet Mazur confirmed up as a Flirting Woman within the movie Addams Family Values within the yr 1993, Becky Beaner in Secret Men within the yr 1999, Maria in Blow within the yr 2001, Georgia in Thye Learning Curve within the yr 2001, Candy in 40 Days and 40 Nights within the yr 2002, Kiki in Comic Book Villians within the yr 2002.

  • Macy, and is about several amateur superheroes who have to stop a supervillain from destroying their city and defeating their favorite superhero.

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She Ashton Kutcher in 1995 and 1996, and then started a relationship with famous American guitarist Dave Navarro for around a year, ending it by the end of 1997.

  • Monet Mazur gave the voice of Astrea in Transformers Universe within the yr 2014 and moreover present up within the music video Rotating Door within the yr 2001.

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